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Small changes can make a huge difference ...

A splash of seasonal colour from Apple Blossom Pink

Apple Blossom Pink Style - Did you know these small changes can make a huge difference ..

  • Splash of Colour at the Door. Your front door is like a handshake for your home. A colourful one makes a statement!

  • Rooms with a Centerpiece. Every room needs a star, and it doesn't have to be a TV. Choose from our range of focal point-worthy items to create a conversation piece.

  • Light Layers for Ambiance. Think three layers of light in each room - ambient, task, and accent. Explore our lighting selection for that polished look or add a beautiful tray with scented candles

  • Chic Faux Greenery. Elevate your space with the latest trend in home decor—ultra-realistic faux greenery. No maintenance, just pure style and dab with your fav essential oils. Discover our fashionable selection for effortless elegance.

  • Mirror Magic. Mirrors open up and brighten rooms. Find the perfect ones in our mirror collection.

  • Mix and Match Furniture. Spice up your decor by mixing styles. Our diverse furniture range is here to help.

  • Texture Variety. Mix it up with different textures and textiles. Check out our trendy sumptuous throws and vegan suede cushions by Alice Acreman Silks

  • Artwork that Speaks Volumes. Make a statement with oversized artwork or create a gallery wall. Our art selection has you covered.

  • Keep What You Love. Say goodbye to items you don't adore. Someone else might cherish them. Consider donating….

  • Less is More. Don't overcrowd. Keep it simple.


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